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Body Pack - $45 -

Moor’s thermal properties to help relieve soreness in joints, muscles, back pain and sport injuries.

Includes Vichy Shower.

Pure Moor Body Wrap – $115 –

This body wrap helps to maintain metabolism of the skin while absorbing impurities and removing toxins.

Includes Vichy Shower.

Moor Seaweed Gel Body Wrap – $115 –

This wrap is ultimate for purifying, firming and stimulating.

Includes Vichy Shower.

Paraffin Wax Therapy – $50 –

Add this soothing therapeutic wax treatment to any manicure, pedicure or facial to improve circulation, moisturize the skin and help relieve pain in muscles and joints.


Vichy Shower

Vichy shower is a horizontal rain-bar with numerous showerheads positioned above a wet-table on which the client receives treatment. This light waterfall is used to relax and cleanse treatment products off the body. The use of different temperatures and pressure of water stimulates circulation. This is a deeply relaxing therapy.

Body Polishes, Scrubs and Glows

Uses natural pastes made from substances such as sea salt, apricot kernels and sugar to exfoliate the skin. A hydrotherapy component can be used to rinse off the product, and is followed by an aromatherapy or Swedish massage. Any of these treatments promote the flow of nutrient-rich circulation and hydrate the skin.


About Avaia Body Wraps

Body wraps have been used for centuries to promote the release of toxins through sweat and improve the metabolism. The original herbal wrap used natural linen sheets, soaked in therapeutic herbs, which were wrapped snugly around the body. Many body wraps today include an application of warmed substances such as seaweed or mud, applied to the body as a mask. Then the client is wrapped and kept warm.

Wraps aid in detoxification and relaxation, leaving the skin hydrated and rejuvenated. While you purify and revitalize your body, this wrapwill also aid in treatments for cellulite, weight loss, stretch marks and scar tissues.