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Woman enjoying a facial massage

Swedish Massage

Consists of a combination of “hands on” techniques. Various strokes are used to relax tension muscles and relieve pain. The massage relieves muscular pain and tension, improves circulation, and many physicians are prescribing it to reduce stress related illness and conditions.

60 minute Swedish Massage – $70 –

30 minute Swedish Massage – $50 –

Aromatherapy Massage

Traditional relaxation techniques are incorporated with the use of the purest essential oils extracted from healing herbs. The oils penetrate the skin and nourish the body to relieve muscle tension and soreness. This combination of Swedish massage and botanical therapy promote the body’s harmony and induce a deeper state of relaxation.

60 minutes – $75 -

Beautiful young woman getting hot stone therapy

Man having head massage in the spa salon

Stress Buster Massage

Targeted and focusing on the rejuvenation of the most common stressed area. This concentrated massage employs a variety of techniques to release tension in the head, neck, back and shoulders.

30 minutes – $50 –

*Not a full body massage

Sports Massage

This organic and natural treatment is a completely different experience. This treatment combines the essentials of relaxing Swedish massage, Thai massage movements and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi stretching techniques. You will benefit from a deeply penetrating moist heat with natural oils and essences of the herbs being released and absorbed by the body throughout the treatment. The herbs induce deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
While working pressure points we stimulate the free flow of energy and balance, releasing toxins, increase circulation, relax muscles and work out painful knots. After your treatment you will enjoy taking your stems home to use for a soothing, relaxing herbal bath.

60 minutes - $75 -

Female customer's leg being massaged